Chain stich in Tambour work

Here are pictures from a french book in order to help to understand the basic chain stich in tambour work.

First of all, you have to strech very tighly the fabric on a frame, or a tambour leaving both hands available.

Then use a tambour hook like one of these (my personnal mini collection ;-)

And go on...

Keep something in mind : you have to rotate the hook to keep the thread attached.

Phase 1 :
Insert the hook through the fabric to the back of the frame with the right hand. in the main time the thread is held in the left hand underneath the fabric (do a knot like on the picture)

Phase 2 :
Catch the thread on the hook

Phase 3 :
Bring it through to the front without letting go the thread in your left hand

Phase 4 :
Rotate the hook 180°

Phase 5 :
Insert the hook a short distance ahead and on the stich line. Keep your stitch the same size

Phase 6 :
Put the thread around the hook

Phase 7:
A complete turn around the hook

Phase 8 :
Turn the hook 180 ° counter clockwise
Phase 9 :
Bring the hook up to he top of fabric

Phase 10 :
While keeping the thread slightly straight

Phase 11 :
Rotate the hook 180 ° clockwise
Phase 12 :
Insert the hook again a short distance ahead

Phase 13
Roll again a full loop around the hook and start again from phase 7.

In France, this is called "Point de Beauvais".

Enjoy !!