Old CD and DVD = embroidered scissor case !


I was fed up to see old unused CD and DVD scattered around the house. So running through the web I discovered this place :
Funny,  but it gave me another idea to recycle my old CD. A scissor case ! 
I missed my mother birthday, June, 1th, so it would be the perfect gift from a stitcher to another stitcher and from a daughter to her beloved mother.

I choose in my huuuuuge stash  : 4 pieces of "soie sauvage" : 2 deep red and 2 old looking gold, 2 pieces of felt, a cardboard piece, a red organza ribbon about 1,5", golden beads, silk threads, metallic threads, 4 used CD, some glue, 12 skillful fingers, gallons of fresh tea and nerves of steel (french idioms translated)... I needed them, because, old habits die hard, I stitched the whole thing the day before offering it to my mother and finished around 3:00 PM. Arrrrghhh ..... it sooooo me !

Sorry for the bad pictures. I took them with my Iphone.

See the top. I embroidered my mother initial, M for Monique in fly stitch using a wonderful hand dyed silk, I guess it is one of the Thread Gatherer, but I have lost the tag.

Under the unitial, I stitched A rose and its buds in bullions  with AVAS  silks. 
These bullions are quite a challenge. They slipped, they twisted, they have their own life which doesn't include mine !!

See the bottom. I used 2 AVAS silk thread strands with one metallic strand : Bijoux from Access commodity. I stitched now and then following my imagination. 

The opened scissor case. Dues to lack of time, I didn't stitch anything inside where I would have put some flowers and beads. The scissors (Bohin a french company)  are lonely but very nice and sharp. We can't see it, but they are red, green and gold.

Below, you'll be able to see some close up and how I managed to make the scissor case.

For fun, the tutorial :

The felt glued to a cardboard then to the CD

I cut the embroidered piece of silk without any "finesse". I am an embroiderer, remember  ? not a good sewer nor craftsman (woman ?)

I run a thread around and ...

... simply pull the thread. Be serious, I just have made a knot ? 

Then I put some fabric glue on the 2 covered CD and stuck them together. Before stucking them I have put the organza ribbon between the 2 CD. It will be used to make a nice knot in order to close the scissor case.

And I sew the edges with the metallic thread. Please note it is around 1:00 in the morning and I am tired and fairly crancky. Fortunately, the whole house is sleeping and didn't heard the insults I mumble.

Because I am addicted to beads, I stitch golden beads at regular (hummmmm) spaces.

VOILA !!!! 

It is nearly 3:00 in the morning, my eyes and fingers are sore, my insults directory is complete, but I am happy to have be able to turn old unused stuff in a nice looking gift for my mother.

Needless to say she was delighted with her scissor case.