Orchid in Lunéville embroidery


My last embroidery piece achieves my luneville Embroideries' courses. This is an orchid embroidered in "stumpwork" style.

I have worked on two different frames.
On the first one, which was the main support (white silk organza), I have stiched the 3 white main petals with white transluscent splangles called in french "paillettes soleil" because of the form, see :

Then, I have stiched 5 green leaves in green flat spangles surrounded with golden beads.

See the green flat spangles

And the golden beads

I have stitched too on this frame the golden stems with beads and and golden thread called in french "fil lurex" which is like a very, very fine japanese golden thread.

On a second frame, I stitched 6 green leaves and the 2 white horizontal petals on white silk organza too strengthened with wire. The petals are surrounded with the "paillettes soleil" I already used. The veins in center are stiched with golden tubes. see here :

I stiched too the rose petal with rose curved spangles and some white transluscent curved spangles. see the rose spangles :

and the white one :

Then, I have cut the fabric (arrrgghh !) and attached the 2 petals on the main fabric in the center. I gave a form with my fingers and raised the petals.
I have cut the rose and white petal, as well the 6 green leaves, and in the same kind I have attached them on the main fabric with tiny stiches. I have modeled the raised pieces with my fingers and fixed them always with invisible tiny stiches.

Finally, I add for the heart, transparent beads an "paillettes soleil" stitched raised to give enhancement.

I positively love this orchid. It was designed by my instructor Carole Magne. I'll frame it (the orchid not Carole ;-)) in order to have it under my eyes whenever I want.

See you soon