Needlepoint, I love it !

Hi, did you have a nice day ? Mine was exhausting... but I have a little story to tell and some pictures to show. It is perfect to relax... So...

When I was young my grand-mother used to  bought me a little canevas (french type, kind of  printed canvas) to entertain me during holidays. I guess it was my first encounter with needlework and I became addicted. I moved to cross stitch for a long period, then I discovered "Embroiderers' Guild of America and American Needlepoint Guild. I was toasted !!!!

Last year, during "L'aiguille en fête" a french needlework show, I met Annick Latourelle, a french needlepoint designer who gets inspirations from geometric shapes. See her website (scroll down the page and click on the british flag to the english version :


I have bought and stitched "Sahara". The first picture shows the whole piece, and the others pictures point some details.

I really enjoyed to stitch this design. The colors are vibrants, the different stitches are challenging and it was relatively quick to stitch. Perfect for a girl like me.

Bye for now



Avital Pinnick said...

That is stunning! Such beautiful work.

Althea DeBrule said...

What a beautiful design. It reminds me of Jean Hilton's work--especially her "Jessica" stitches, named after her daughter.


RhettaRic said...

Virginie, I love your work, especially your tambour work. My friend and I are trying to learn. We are almost at the pick it up and HEAVE it out the nearest window preferably over a bridge where there are huge trucks traveling that will make matchsticks out of it stage. We have a hoop, the needles. We can do a chain stitch with regular thread. Here is the problem: as soon as we try pearl cotton - it just shreds the thread. We've tried muslin and linen and a meshy type of organza looking fabric. If all we use is regular sewing thread, it's fine. Can you please tell us what type of thread and fabric and needle size you are using on some of your projects? Thank you!