I'm back ... yipeee !

Hi to you cyber travelers

Sorry for not having updated this blog (I guess it is the understatement of the year considering the date of my last message ;-) but to be really honest, I had lost my blog address. Dumb me !!!

I have a french blog, remember french girl here, that I update poorly too.
My first goal for 2011 will be updating "this" blog regularly with my embroideries, as well tips and hints, and stuff I find on the web.
In one word : sharing. My favorite thing to do.

I apologize in advance for my english language and my mistakes, but as we said in France "nobody is perfect, what is important is improving" (or something like that).

To start my new resolution, I am going to show you my last goldwork embroidery. It is a piece taught by my Luneville embroidery teacher. Remember Luneville embroidery in beading tambour work in english.

See this beauty called "Indian flower". I used gold flat spangles, gold bright check purl, gold smooth purl, real gold thread and rayon thread.

These pictures below show you some details. The red french knots are stitched with a french rayon thread (professionals embroiderers use them a lot for the light effect). They are completed by detached chain stitches using gold bright check purl.

The flower 's center is stitched in 2 steps. First laying gold thread and fixing them on the fabric with tiny cross stitches. Second, I surrounded the center with pieces of smooth purl using stem stitch.

My instructor taught me 3 ways to do stem stitch according to the effect I wish. I have made a little lesson in stem stitches. I hope it will help. See below...
This last picture shows the leaves using real gold thread (a little tricky to stitch) in satin stitch, and the leaves using Rayon thread. The flower 's calyx is also stitched with the gold thread but using "kind of" long and short stitches. I say "kind of" because on the picture, it is not very obvious.

Ok, that's all for now, but I'll be back soon with lots of pictures.
see you



Elmsley Rose said...

Thankyou for the comment on your blog.

Your work is just beautiful!!!

Rashida Khanbhai said...

I love your embroidery. The metal threads are stitched very nicely.